Luxury accomodation for you beloved pets while you are away.

Sandy Lane, a luxury home from home while you're away...


Staying at Sandy Lane

Licensed and Fully Insured

We have all necessary licenses and insurance certificates

Collection and Delivery Service

In an Air-Conditioned Vehicle

Excersise Area

We have a grassy paddock for regular excercise

Vaccinated Pets Only

Sorry! We only accept fully vaccinated pets


We have stock of a large number of branded pet foods


10 enclosures for up to 2 cats in each


We have 25 fully heated dog kennels

Family of Dogs

No problem, we have 8 family enclosures with room for upto 4 large dogs or 5 small dogs

and more...

We have a large secure grassed paddock, and we like to excercise your pets regularly. All dogs are excercised individually, or in the case of family dogs, together, enjoying a game of ball.

If your dog prefers to be hand walked, this option is also available.

We stock a large range of branded pet foods and always endeavour to feed your pet the same food as they have at home. If however they prefer a special diet (i.e. caviar) you may wish to bring that along with you.

Our four legged furry friends will be safe and warm in our indoor luxury cattery. They are happy listening to classical music, playing with their toys and then having an afternoon nap.

Most branded cat foods are readily available and we have something to suit all appetites.